flow fusion

FLOW FUSION – The game changer.

Fusing 2-liner feeling with an EN-C certification, the Flow Fusion is the first certified hybrid 3-2 liner paraglider.

Feel connected like a 2-line race machine, with rear riser steering on crafted control toggles, but maintain the security and comfortable workload of an EN C glider. An optimised line configuration and unique risers enable a three-line layout in the centre of the span and a two-line layout at the tips. The resulting reduction in drag increases performance noticeably.

Careful attention in the design phase has led to exceptional thermic handling bringing the composure of 2-liners to the EN C class.

From AUD$ 5,525 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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flow fusion light


Fusion Light is the light version of the Fusion.

Built extensively with Porcher Skytex 27g and light weight dyneema risers, the Fusion Light is livelier, lighter, more compact and has a more direct handling and feel.

We’ve managed to improve the speed range and the overall performance slightly, making our EN C glider even better. The fun factor and real performance of this glider is truly amazing. Like it’s original brother, Fusion Light is a game changer!

 AUD$ 5,850 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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niviuk artik 6

THE ARTIK 6 hails the dawn of a new era of XC flying where countless possible routes are waiting for you. A fusion of outstanding performance and accessibility to sate your hunger for kilometers.

Prepare to do some serious kilometres on a high-performance wing with excellent glide. The Artik 6 features outstanding damping which guarantees stability and comfort.

Non-stop performance
Thanks to an improved profile and a more rigid and efficient leading edge, the Artik 6 has higher speed and climbs faster in thermals, compared to its predecessor.

AUD$ 5,800 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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niviuk artik r

THE LEAP INTO THE NEW ERA-  Artik Race, an EN C 2-liner.

An unparalleled experience that will offer you speed, aerodynamics and high performance; at the same time as accessibility, progressivity and the passive safety of an EN C wing. Be at the leading edge with the new Artik R.

Take the leap into a new era and fly as many kilometres as you want. Performance and glide are excellent on the Artik R, with unprecedented stability, safety and comfort for a two-liner. Its high thermal efficiency will really impress you. Speed, stability and top performance that will allow you to take your first steps in competition. 

Top performance
A very fast wing. The two-liner design reduces drag and makes the glider higher performing. It also climbs quickly in thermals thanks to an optimised profile and a solid, efficient leading edge.
AUD$ 6,200 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates) 





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