introductory 2 days courses

Our 2 Days Intro Courses are designed to give you the opportunity to understand and experience paragliding before committing to a 9 Days PG2 Licence Course.

You will learn about the equipment,  experience ground handling and launch techniques and fly a paraglider as the pilot in command.

This course provides the opportunity to see if the sport is what you expect and to experience the first steps of a paraglider pilot course. It does not require  previous experience. 

Course inlcudes:

  • Equipment Introduction;
  • Aircraft Assembly and Pre-Flight check;
  • Instructional Tandem Flight;
  • Ground Handling Practice;
  • Slope Training;
  • Professional Instruction (SAFA Approved Flight Training Facility CFI 2206079);
  • Equipment Included.

The courses are available all year round and you can start at your earliest convenience. Please get in touch to organize desired dates. If you decide to go further and sign up for a full paragliding pilot course the cost of the Introductory course comes off the cost of the licence course cost.


Have you ever had the desire to fly like a bird? Paragliding offers the pilot the sensation of true free flight. The rapidly growing sport of Paragliding is one of the most affordable, totally portable and feasible ways to safely experience the true feeling of flying.

Our Paragliding Licence Courses have approximate duration of 9 Days and provide fast learning with progressive skill development and confidence gain. SkySurf Paragliding tuition and equipment are world class and within the best in the world. Our Chief Instructor Rafael Esquillaro has been flying since young age and is well versed in all styles of paragliding flying from long distance Cross Country Flights to high level acrobatic maneuvers. Rafael has been teaching paragliding for over 10 years and will take you from a total beginner to a confident and competent SAFA P2 rated pilot capable of flying on your own in a safe and sustainable manner. We provide the most current and effective instruction available with your safety and enjoyment as our top priority. 

We specialize on private tuition and maintain our groups limited to a maximum of 6 students per course. It guarantees personalized tuition and attention to detail. All students will receive a lifetime of free mentoring and advice! 

In order to achieve a SAFA PG2 Pilot Certificate the student needs to demonstrate adequate competency in all Phases of the SAFA Pilot Training Syllabus through Theory and Practical Assessments. Most people can attain a SAFA Pilot licence within 9 training days.

The course is designed to instruct people with no previous experience to proficient launch and landing skills and soaring techniques. We advise 9 consecutive training days (or at least 5 consecutive days) for maximum training efficiency fast progression.

Courses include:

  • Equipment Introduction;
  • Aircraft Assembly and Pre-Flight checks;
  • Instructional Tandem Flight;
  • Ground Handling Practice;
  • Forward (Alpine) and Reverse Launch Techniques;
  • Slope Training;
  • All Equipment is provided (paraglider, harness, helmet and radios);
  • SAFA PG2 Pilot Workbook;
  • Expert instruction on practical and theory lessons;
  • SAFA PG2 Certificate;
  • Lifetime of free mentoring and advice.
  • SkySurf Paragliding T Shirt 🙂

PG2 LICENCE COURSE over weekends or sparse training days

Our Personal License Courses offer private tuition and all inclusions of a PG2 9 Days License Course  with the flexibility of booking training days according to your best availability. You can complete your SAFA PG2 Pilot Certificate taking classes on the weekends or any days off work.

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