Our Paragliding 2 Days Intro Courses are designed to give you the opportunity to understand and experience paragliding before committing to a Licence Course.

You will learn about the equipment, practice ground handling, launching techniques and fly a paraglider as the pilot in command. 

The course provides the opportunity to see if the sport is what you expect and to experience the first steps of a paraglider pilot course. It does not require previous experience. 

Course includes:

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Aircraft Assembly and Pre-Flight checks
  • Instructional Tandem Flight
  • Ground Handling and Launching Techniques
  • Slope Training
  • Simulator Training Equipment
  • 2 Days of Expert Instruction 
  • All Equipment is provided (helmet, harness, paraglider, UHF radio)

The courses are available all year round in Wollongong and Canberra and you can start at your earliest convenience. Please check our course schedule or get in touch to organize a desired date. If after training you decided to continue and sign up for a Licence Course (within 90 Days) the cost of the Intro Course will be deducted from the Licence Course fee

The Intro Course Cost is $700 Inc GST

0432 543 502

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