SIV clinics

Our SIV Clinic is designed to increase your confidence and safety when flying a paraglider. You will learn how your wing behaves and how to react in emergency situations and will have the opportunity to practice more advanced manoeuvres to increase your overall skills and control as a pilot. The training is intended to improve overall paraglider understanding and to boost your confident and safety when flying Cross-Country or Aerobatics. Safety and enjoyment while training is our number one priority.

The courses include theory and practical sessions. The theory lessons will be held on the night before each training day. We make sure you have complete mental understanding of each movement in theory before the actual practice. We utilize boat towing allowing CFI Rafael Esquillaro to be by your side doing the briefing previous to your take-off and the debriefing as soon as you land. A comprehensive debrief using video analyses will be performed at the end of each day.

Our SIV Clinics can be customized for all pilot levels and specific goals. Every pilot presents different learning curves and the course is not intended to tick boxes superficially. The pilots will only progress to the next manoeuvres once they are competent and confident performing the previous one.


The Basic Program includes:

  • Big Big Ears with speedbar;
  • Asymmetric Collapses (at trim speed, 50% Speed Bar and 100% Speed Bar);
  • Full Frontal Collapses (at trim speed, 50% Speed Bar and 100% Speed Bar);
  • Dynamic Collapse (Asymmetric / Symmetric);
  • Spiral Dive (entry and controlled exits);
  • B – Line Stall;
  • Full Stall;
  • Tail Slide;
  • Spin;
  • Reserve Deployment.

For pilots with previous SIV experience and proficient at performing Spiral Dives, Full Stalls (Tail Slides) and Spins we also offer Introduction to Aerobatic Flying including but not limited to Wing-Overs, Sat’s, Parachutal Stalls and Helicopter.

Course includes 5 Tows Averaging 1000 – 1200 meters each.

Extra tows can be purchased.


  • Current SAFA membership and Tow Endorsement;
  • Certified Paraglider, Harness and Reserve Parachute (repacked within 6 months);
  • Helmet;
  • Non-shatter protective Eye Wear;
  • Tow Release Bridal;
  • Gloves recommended;
  • Hook Knife recommended,
  • GoPro Camera or similar recommended.

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