Flow spectra 2

The Spectra2 was built for the most demanding and challenging conditions. A glider for pilots who are looking for superior performance in a comfortable and well managed package.

Spectra2 has increased stability to its previous version. At speed the glide is superior and stability has been increased noticeably. The feel on the rear riser steering has been refined offering better feedback and control. Its excellent thermalling ability and agility combined with a higher top speed makes the S2 a real race machine for both PWC competitions and World Record flights.

We concentrated on key areas and perfected those elements improving performance without compromising safety.

AUD$ 6,500 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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niviuk icepeak x-one

NIVIUK  ICEPEAK X-ONE – The new benchmark in the CCC class. Years of research and the implementation of the latest Niviuk technologies positions the new X-One as the most optimised glider ever produced by the brand. 

Stand out in all competitions with the best possible performance. A fast and versatile wing that will allow you to get the best results.

Increased top speed.
Improved glide in all conditions.The X-One is a wing that is easy to master.
More efficient steering with the B risers: when under pressure, it allows easier and more controlled steering when reaching maximum speed. Turning is much easier in any conditions. Despite its significant aspect ratio, it is a very compact wing.

AUD$ 7,000 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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