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SkySurf Paragliding is a SAFA Approved Flight Training Facility. We offer paragliding training and tandem experiences at Bald Hill (Stanwell Park), Hill60 (Port Kembla), Sydney and Canberra regions from Instructional Tandem Flights to high level Piloting Skills. Paragliding is our passion and our goal is to promote the sport and its possibilities.  You can turn the landscape into a playground and enjoy a privileged bird’s-eye view of the world. Paragliding is an inclusive sport with a diverse community. We welcome everyone to try it! Learning paragliding  is challenging but also heaps of fun! 

Learning to paraglide open possibilities like enjoying relaxed soaring sessions at a coastal site, flying thermals and long distance Cross Country Flights using only the powers of the nature, getting a Paramotor Licence, learning acrobatic maneuvers under high G forces and adrenaline, you can become a tandem pilot and share your passion with others, a competition pilot, instructor…

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SkySurf Paragliding’s Chief Flight Instructor Rafael Esquillaro (SAFA CFI 2206079) believes paragliding is a lifestyle and open amazing opportunities of travelling and meeting like-minded people. Rafael has been an active sportsman since young age with passion for diverse outdoor sports such as surfing, kite surfing, skateboarding, hiking and mountain biking. Paragliding is his lifestyle he has been flying since young age gaining experience in all aspects of the sport from ground control and soaring techniques to long distance flights and hardcore aerobatics maneuvers. Rafael is a highly experienced paraglider pilot and instructor and has flying experience in many sites in Australia, South America, Europe, Asia and New Zealand and has achieved single Cross Country Flights of over 400Km distance (straight line) and 11 hours airtime. He is also very active in the art of acrobatic paragliding and has mastered hardcore maneuvers like Infinity Tumbling, Helicopter, Looping and many others. 

Rafael is a very friendly instructor with over a decade of teaching experience and will lead our team to introduce you to our sport in the most enjoyable and safe way! 

Rafael Esquillaro

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