FLow xcracer 2

FLOW XCRACER 2 offers a more comfortable flying experience compared to its predecessor, providing increased brake authority and comfort throughout the entire speed range. The improvements in performance are readily apparent, and we’ve succeeded in elevating the top speed as well.

This new version represents a well-balanced project without any compromises. It allows for flying at full speed with total comfort and control. Our goal was to design a glider that makes it easy to explore its full potential, ensuring both comfort and maximizing efficiency and performance.

We are confident that the XCRacer2 represents a significant advancement from our highly successful EN-D 2-liner. We’ve made improvements across the board, leaving no aspect untouched. This glider is designed to excel at the highest level while being fun and pleasant to fly.

From AUD$ 5,975 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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niviuk peak 6

NIVIUK PEAK 6 Exceed your limits whilst always enjoying your flights. Fly long distances whilst experiencing maximum comfort and quality of flight.

Bring out your best. The Peak 6 is a two-liner designed to offer high performance, to satisfy the most experienced pilots and get great results in competitions.

Accessible and fun flying
Based on the previous model, the Peak 6 offers surprising ease of handling in a wing of its classification. The incidence of the B risers has been optimised, making control inputs more precise and responsive, which improves glide, increases efficiency and comfort in flight.

AUD$ 6,900 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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niviuk klimber 3P

The Klimber 3 P – A high performance machine, perfect for complicated launches and landings. The wing stays solid and efficient, even in turbulent air. It is our P Series racing model par excellence.

With a higher glide ratio and increased top speed, the Klimber 3 P is a perfectly efficient machine. Its high performance in thermals and glide is complemented by its exceptional maneuverability.

The brake travel range has been increased by 25% compared to the previous version, increasing the passive safety of the glider. This makes the wing much easier to fly at low speeds and easier to launch and land in difficult conditions. Maximum control and efficiency in all phases of flight, especially take-off and landing.

AUD$ 6,800  Inc GST(subject to exchange rates)

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