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Tandem Paragliding with a professional instructor is the best way to get introduced this amazing aviation sport.  Experience the art of free flying with SkySurf Paragliding. Our team of instructors will guide you on the unforgettable experience of soaring like a bird while enjoying amazing scenery . The Flights are suitable for anyone searching for an adventure activity or interested in learning paragliding. Reveal how a paraglider works and enjoy the feeling of flying. There is no previous experience required.

Our Instructional Tandem Flights are available all year round and are subject to weather suitability. Safety Is Our Number One Priority. The flights have approximate duration of 20 minutes and if you feel confident you can experience the controls as the pilot in command (weather conditions dependent).
Gift Vouchers and in flight photos and videos are also available.

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The feeling of free flying with SkySurf Paragliding

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