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SkySurf Paragliding is Approved Flight Training Facility by The Sports Aviation Federation of Australia – SAFA

The SAFA is a body constituted to administer the sports of hang gliding, paragliding and weightshift microlighting, including all derivations of these disciplines. SAFA members fly under exemption provisions contained in Civil Aviation Orders (CAO’s) 95.8, 95.10, and 95.32.

The Civil Aviation Regulations and subsequent exemptions in Australia require that persons acting as pilots in command of hanggliders, paragliders or weightshift microlights must be the holder of a pilot certificate issued by the SAFA, therefore every paragliding student must be a member of SAFA before starting the paragliding Licence Course. 

Please, click here to apply for Student Membership

SAFA represents over 3500 members and their clubs providing a framework for all pure flight aviation enthusiasts to take part in the sport they love, in a safe, fun way. The sport aviation federation of Australia is under regulations laid down by Civil Aviation Safety Authority – CASA.

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CASA – The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is a government body that regulates aviation safety in Australia. CASA license pilots, register aircraft, oversee aviation safety and promote safety awareness. They also make sure that the aviation community and the public use and administer Australian airspace safely.

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Before the Course,  please:

  • Fill up the Paragliding Licence Course Registration Form – please, click here to fill up the form. Please, have in mind, filling up the Registration Form does not mean your spot is confirmed and secured. You have to wait for the confirmation directly form us and your spot is secured only after paying deposit fee 600 AUD.
  • Every Paragliding student must be a member of SAFA before starting Paragliding Licence Course – Please, click here to apply  for Student Membership.
  • Read SAFA Operations Manual – to download The Operations Manual, please click here.
  • Download and print PG2 – Paraglider Pilot Training Workbook – to download PG2 – Paraglider Pilot Training Workbook, click here. Please, download and print the workbook, you will need it during your training. Paragliding Licence can only be issued by fillip up the workbook and submitting to your Instructor. Don’t worry, all Questions will be answered during your Paragliding Licence Course. 

Please, DO NOT buy gear before the Course. 

Everyone has different ability to learn new skill, the Instructor will advise you which gear is suitable for you.

If you already have one, talk to your Instructor if the gear is suitable to your skill level. 


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