fLOW Mullet

MULLET – Business up front and party at the back.

Mullet, a glider that sets itself apart from the rest. With its unique flying capabilities, this glider allows pilots to dive, swoop, and effortlessly convert kinetic energy back into height, creating a truly remarkable flying experience.

The Mullet not only redefines coastal soaring and hike&fly missions but adds an extra 3D dimension to our flight envelope. Additionally, its intuitive riser system puts the full speed of the glider right at your fingertips, giving you unmatched control and precision in flight.

Mullet’s ingenious design allows you to effortlessly convert kinetic energy into altitude, ready to embark on your next thrilling sequence.

AUD$ 4,400 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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fLOW Y0TI 3 (en 926-1)

FLOW YOTI 3 is a mini paraglider designed for the most demanding and challenging air.

This design has been refined from the Yoti2 which was made for maximum fun factor. An updated profile combined with new risers and plan shape offers better cell tensioning, making the Yoti3 more dynamic with better stability at high speeds. The awesome handling (which the original Yoti is known for) remains the same.

AUD$ 3,575 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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flow yoti 3 light

FLOW YOTI 3 LIGHT is a lightweight mini paraglider designed for pilots who seek the ultimate ease of use on the ground and agility in the air.

Hike & fly, strong wind soaring, thermal XC flights – the Yoti 3 Light is capable of it all. At 2.15kgs, this wing is the most versatile glider in our range, making a perfect travel companion. Speed, stability, and best glide in the class on a stable shark nose profile.

AUD$ 3,980 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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niviuk roller 2 (en 929-1)

The Roller 2 is a mini wing with a very extensive speed range. Specially designed for speed flying, it is stable, light, manoeuvrable and can be flown quickly and precisely at all times.

The Roller 2 is a very agile and energetic glider. With dynamic handling and responsive manoeuvrability, total control is assured. It is fast and safe in turns.

A wide speed range, thanks to the efficiency of the speed-bar and trimmers. High performance profile with little drag, so no speed restrictions. It remains solid at all times, especially at high speeds.
With total passive safety, the Roller 2 is very stable.  Excellent performance thanks to little inertia and drag, with smoother and more precise reactions to inputs.

AUD$ 3,500 Inc GST (subject to exchange rates)

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